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Horsetail Herbal Tea Equisetum Arvense Organic

Horsetail Herbal Tea Equisetum Arvense Organic

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Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is a medicinal plant used for remedies that dates back to ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. But it has been around much longer, as early as before the dinosaurs. Prehistoric horsetail was much taller, the size of a tree, but today’s horsetail reaches just about 4 feet tall. Horsetail is thought to be the most abundant source of silica in the plant kingdom. Because of this, it has been used in the past to polish metal.

It has been used traditionally for many ailments and to support natural health:

Hair, bone, nail, and skin health
Mouth and throat health
Healing wounds
Viral infections
Digestion help
Cardiovascular and respiratory ailments
Bladder problems (including bed-wetting)
Bleeding issues
Immune system support
While herbalists have used horsetail for traditional remedies for many years, there isn’t a lot of scientific data to support its use. However, the small amount of research that is available is promising and makes a case for further research.


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