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Elder Dried Flower (Sambuci Flos) Organic

Elder Dried Flower (Sambuci Flos) Organic

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Popular since Egyptian civilisation, ancient people took elder flower as a cold medicine with a sweet grape-like aroma.

Its distribution in Europe and North Africa, belongs to the honeysuckle family, low deciduous elderberry, has been used as a medicinal plant since the Egyptian civilisation.

Elderflower is the white flower that grows on the elder bush in spring. Elderflower has a sweet aroma like Muscat and is widely used in Europe especially as a cold medicine to relieve sore throat and so on, because elderflower tea, which is steeped and drunk, can promote blood circulation and thus promote sweating. It is also said to have some effect on hay fever.

There are also jams made from elderberry fruit, so you can also steep tea with the jams.

Efficacy: promote sweating, anti-inflammatory, sedation, detoxification, antipyretic, diuretic

Suitable match: rosehip, rosemary, chamomile, Tilia Europaea, echinacea, sage

Recommended drinking method: steep tea into a higher concentration, and then add carbonated water dilution.


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